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About the CCOC

The Florida Clerks of Court Operations Corporation (CCOC) was created at the direction of the Florida Legislature and supports the Clerks of Court in all 67 counties in the State of Florida by reviewing and certifying court-related proposed budgets to the Florida Legislature. The CCOC also provides information concerning Clerk's Budgets to the Governor, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Department of Revenue as required by law.

Database Administrator

Distinguishing Characteristics of Work

The essential function of the position within the organization is the administration, monitoring, planning, design, development, operation, maintenance, security, and integrity of the database and related systems and application environments. This position works independently, with direct supervision by the Information and Technology Resources Director.

Examples of Work Performed:
(NOTE: These examples are intended as illustrations of various types of work performed in positions allocated to this class. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.)

*  Monitors database and application hardware and software operations and security to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance with applicable regulations and laws;

*  Performs Research and testing of hardware and software upgrades in relation to the SQL Server and related environments;

*  Installs and configures database management systems, IIS, and other applicable platforms on the hosted server;

*  Establishes and calculates optimum values for databases, IIS and other platform parameters using established methods;

*  Ensures implementation of and adherence to access security, data integrity and backup/restoration policies and procedures;

*  Assists with developing database data dictionaries and entity relationship diagrams;

*  Utilizes database and IIS performance and error monitoring tools to determine changes necessary to correct or tune platforms and systems;

*  Ensures that standards are followed related to the management of database and application servers;

*  Serves as information resource for area of responsibility; performs troubleshooting of systems and assists other staff and consultants in implementing solutions;

*  Reviews workflow charts and database diagrams to ensure compatibility;

*  Works with other technology staff to effectively facilitate administrative duties;

*  Adheres to Information Systems Development Methodology (ISDM) and documentation requirements as adopted;

*  Attends or conducts staff and other professional meetings to exchange information, including participation in requirements gathering and design sessions related to SQL Server Integration, Analysis and Reporting, and related application development;

*  Administers and Assists users with third party software, as appropriate;

*  Acts as a Backup to Information and Technology Resources Director;

*  Provides programming and other technical support, as appropriate;


Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a Bachelor’s degree with a major in computer science, management information systems, or closely related fields; and two years related experience or an equivalent combination of training and progressively responsible professional experience in a related field.
Microsoft Technology Associate: Database Certification (MTA: Database) can substitute for one year of the required experience.
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate for SQL Server in addition to an Associate of Arts or Science degree can substitute for the required Bachelor’s degree.
Certification as a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) or Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) for Data Platform or Business Intelligence may be substituted for the required Bachelor’s degree.
Direct programming and database experience on a year for year basis can substitute for the required degree if experience is of sufficient level i.e. major programming project with samples provided.


Additional programming skills in ASP, C#, C++, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. would be beneficial;
Microsoft Technology Associate: Database Certification (MTA: Database) can substitute for one year of the required experience.
Additional hardware or network experience would also be beneficial


All selected candidates will be required to complete a State of Florida application and go through a background screening before hire;
Position is in the Florida Retirement System;
Comprehensive benefits package including healthcare, life, dental and other insurances available as well as education and training benefits and deferred comp;
Flexible scheduling and a comfortable work environment with plentiful, close parking

POSITION CLOSES: May 9, 2016 -- Please have all applications submitted by EOD via email to employment@flccoc.org and reference position title.
Salary level 43,948-78,702 but CCOC generally hires at the bottom of the salary range on initial hire.

Part-time IT Job/Internship

Distinguishing Characteristics of Work

This is a part-time intern position for technical students majoring in Computer Science, Information Technology or some other related field. This position crosses many technical areas so someone with excellent logic, an ability to learn new areas and comfortable with technical research is a must. Because the primary interaction is with non-technical budget or finance personnel, an ability to understand business processes and communicate across all levels including technical and non-technical is essential. Almost all candidates that have occupied this position have gone on to excellent career positions with industry leaders since they become well-rounded IT professionals with hands-on experience here in our office.

(NOTE: These examples are intended as illustrations of various types of work performed in positions allocated to this class. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.)

*  In-depth Excel skills (complicated formulas, lookups, formatting, etc.), at least one OOP class and project completed (COP 2220 will work), basic hardware and technical support skills (backups, installing software, virus protection, maintaining laptops, replacing hard drive, etc.);

*   Additional skills/experience that would be good to show on resume but not necessary as you will learn some on your own here: ASP, SQL, mySQL, web programming (not just web design), PHP, macro programming helpful (VB Scripting), Sharepoint, Office365 maintenance, SBS2012 Server, Veeam, VMWare, Accounting/Budgeting background, HR experience, sound equipment use, basic handyman/carpentry skills – show related volunteer work and personal hobbies/projects;

*   This is a paid position but we will also work with any instructors if you choose to sign-up for internship credit to document, as needed. Send resume and cover letter to: ldaws@flccoc.org or fax to 850-386-2224.

Tips on helping you get a job with us

Your Resume is your first impression

*  Checking it for grammar and spelling mistakes

*  This is a technical position so make sure it is formatted in a way that makes sense (example: use the correct type of tabs instead of spaces to make sure your info lines up properly

*  Keep it to one page but make that page count

*  You probably don't have much experience yet but, like Liam Neeson, you should already have a unique set of skills so highlight them and show them off

*  Where possible,don’t just tell us about your skills but show us with a link to a project or sample you have done

*  Volunteer work,Clubs, etc. matter but only when we can see that you have learned something or utilized a different skill

Your digital Presence

*  Google yourself- what do you see, what can you improve

*  Check your Facebook presence, you might think those pics of you passed out drunk only show up to your friends but you never know – especially since we may have friends in common that might link those pictures for us to see

*  Check your email address- if it is Likes2Party@gmail.com, then maybe it is time to get a new one that is more professional, your FSU email address works great for our needs

*  Not online, but just as important, make sure your voicemail is set up for your phone to accept messages and that the OGM on it is polite and professional but also that we can tell we have reached the correct person


*  Show up 10-15 minutes early but not before then or it just gets awkward

*  Dress conservatively- it doesn’t absolutely mean suit and tie but neat, pressed, and above your average daily school clothes

*  Don't reek of cigarette smoke or cologne, it will be overpowering and make it difficult to concentrate on you and your skills

*  Be prepared Check out our website, see what we do.Look at the skills we want and if you don’t have them, research them. If you google stalk our employees to see if you would be a good fit, don’t be creepy about it; asking if we liked the crab bisque at the restaurant we ate at for lunch yesterday is probably not a good idea

*  Remember: there is a fine line between confident/cocky and enthusiastic/obnoxious, try to find the right balance


Thank you for your interest in the FLCCOC and look out for openings in the future.


CCOC employees are no longer employees registered in the PeopleFirst system for the State of Florida but are still subject to all basic State employee rules and procedures. Employees are still part of FRS and receive benefits as equivalent to Career Service State employees including the option for health, life, disability, education (State Employee Tuition Waiver eligible), leave and dental insurance as well as participation in the State Retirement System as shown in the Special Services Pay and Class plan.


Since the CCOC is not part of the PeopleFirst system, the employee salaries are not reported in the Florida's Right to Know system. The CCOC is transparent in all of its budget matters including employee salaries as part of the Executive Council meeting materials as well as the information released during the Annual Corporation meetings but in the interest of making the information more accessible, it can be found here.